ROCK Royce Series Phone Case For iPhone 6 6s Innovative Kickstand Free Shipping

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ROCK Newest  Royce Series Phone Case For iPhone 6 6s Innovative Kickstand design 4.7 inch phone shell Phone Bag Back Covers


Material: PC + imported TPU

Techniques: spraying, vacuum metalizing
Colors: Red,Gray,Gold and Rose Gold
Product style: fashionable and business style
Applied device: For iPhone 6 6s 4.7 Inch


1. With the matching of metallic color and dark color, the product is luxurious, innovative and durable.
2. With ultra thin and double-deck combo design,high toughness PC as outer layer and imported TPU
3. as inner layer provides double protecting;
4. It has great anti shock and proects against scratches;
5. It has exquisite details and its TPU sides are higher than the screen  to protect screen from scratches;
6. Fashionable metalizing buttons are comfortable in hand;
7. Accurate hole sites well fit devices for ease of use.
8. With imported paint spraying process,it has various colors to option.
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